How to Attract Honey Bees in 9 Steps

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How to Attract Honey Bees in 9 Steps

Want to attract honey bees to your property and flowers? Proven to be beneficial to pollination and growth, better crops and higher fruit harvests - here's how:

Plant flowers native to your area. Bees evolved with wildflowers, and the bees in your area will respond best to the flowers they "grew up with," so to speak.
 Plant flowers with single petals. Flowers with a single row of petals, rather than flowers with more than one row, are more attractive to bees.
Plant yellow, white, blue and purple flowers. These colors attract bees more than pinks, oranges and reds do.
 Plant flowers that bloom in sequence. If all of your flowers bloom at the same time, the bees will have a feast, then run out of food before the summer's end.
 Plant flowering vegetable and fruit plants. Berries, melons, squash, cucumbers, and fruit trees, especially cherry trees, all produce fragrant flowers and fruit that are attractive to bees.
 Plant herbs that attract bees. If you have space for a little herb garden, that's another great way to attract bees.
 Let it get a little wild. If your grass is close-clipped, every stick has been picked up, and there's not a muddy spot to be found, bees will have trouble finding a home in your yard, no matter how many wildflowers you plant.
Make a bee bath. Bees have trouble using birdbaths, because they aren't able to land in deep water. They need an island to land on so they can walk to the edge and take a drink or a bath without drowning.
 Stop using pesticides of any kind. Bees are susceptible to pesticides and other chemicals sprayed and used in gardens. Aim to have a pesticide-free garden and use pest-ridding remedies that are natural and not reliant on chemicals.
 Happy Gardening and save the bees!

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