HEMP dog bisquits- by Treatibles

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HEMP Dog bisquits by Treatibles
Pumpkin Flavor


Small: The bag of small treats comes with 3.25oz of treats (approx. 36-38 chews). Each CBD dog treat has 1mg CBD.

Large: The bag of large CBD dog treats is 4.3oz (24-26 treats) with 2.5mg CBD per chew.

Serving Size

The recommended serving size for our CBD Dog Treatibles is 1mg CBD per 10lbs. So if your dog weighs 10lbs, you would order the Small Treats and give them just one per day. If your dog is around 75lbs, you would order the Large Treats and give them 3 per day.

Every dog is different and the reason people give their dogs CBD can vary greatly. Keep this in mind and experiment to find the best serving size for your dog.