We are the beekeepers, and we harvest all our own honey with no machinery. Our honeys are lightly filtered and heated only to a maximum of 105 degrees for the purpose of pouring only.  This is considered RAW honey. We filter with a medium micron filter - almost like a fancy pasta strainer. This is to keep all the natural goodness in our honey.

Generic, mass produced honey has been boiled, and super filtered - thus resulting in basically sterile sugar water - perhaps flavored with rice syrup or corn syrup, and maybe even colored to look better. We strive to keep the natural state of our honeys for the maximum benefit of health qualities for our customers.


Full of pollen and propolis, lightly filtered honey has natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, and will help boost your immune system and bring good health!  You may find particles, or even a few little bee parts on occasion in our bottles of honey. This just shows it is good quality honey, and truly RAW.

Our honey will probably crystallize more quickly than other store bought honeys too. This is also showing the natural properties have been retained, and not filtered or boiled out.  We always bottle in glass, and wherever we can, also use metal, rubber gasket - safety sealed lids.

 If your honey crystallizes, it's not gone bad! Just place your glass jar in a pot of warm water or stove at 100 degrees, and lightly heat until liquid again. Do not microwave your honey, as this will sterilize out all the natural ingredients. Honey should be stored in a moderate temperature location. Do not expose to excessive heat or cold.