Sweet Pea Farm rare heritage breed poultry is located in Redding, CT but we ship our quality lineage eggs worldwide.  All our birds have won in various poultry competitions and shows. We proudly carry the Cottage Hill,  Rodney Reeves, Wade Jean and Bev Davis line of Marans.

We also have Lavender Orpingtons, Tolbunt Polish and Golden Crested Polish, Large Fowl Frizzles, and for Marans we carry - Black Copper, Blue Copper, White, Splash, Birchen, Blue and Black Marans hatching eggs. On occasion we sell birds, chicks or pullets on our farm. All our flocks are NPIP certified. We practice healthy bio-hazard  guidelines and keep closed NPIP flocks.

Please email us for egg availability.  CLICK HERE We do not believe in pesticides or chemicals. We use natural wormers, food grade diatomaceous earth in their food, and raw apple cider vinegar (raw, unrefined with mother) in their water. We start adding this to our chicks as early as 6 weeks.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is good to use in their bedding and on the ground to deter parasites, flies and mites. We use Agricultural Lime on our farm, and in their beds to do the same thing. We have oyster shell bits and their food out for free forage at all times. Our birds have a mix of oat groats, corn, flax seed, kelp, sunflower seeds, with free range for greens, grits and bugs daily. We do not feed our birds wheat or soy.

We feed our birds Red Cell and VetRX Tonic twice a week. This assures our flocks are getting all the nutrients they need, helps keep them healthy, keeps their egg production at a maximum, and our roosters fertile. We also supplement them once a week in the summer, and twice a week in the winter with our "Picky Pak Booster Cakes". This assures an added level of protein in their diet, which contributes to healthy birds and chicks, and keeps them entertained as well.

Every day our flocks are fed additional protein with fresh veggies and picken's from our local organic restaurants, with the Red Cell, VetRX Tonic, and Molly's Herbal Powder. This is a natural herbal wormer with nutrients and minerals.  We use it on our entire farm for sheep, cats, dogs, poultry, finches, even ourselves!  It is completely non toxic and safe to eat. See link here for Molly's Herbals.

Following this routine, although labor intensive, assures our flocks are healthy, parasite free, have great appetites and energy,  keeps their weight up, helps them grow fast, have full and colorful plumage, and raise happy, healthy chicks! SEE OUR SHOP TO ORDER EGGS Please note all hatching egg purchases are non refundable. We do our best to provide healthy, fertile eggs. Replacements will be sent if the shipping service is proven to harm the box and contents. Hatching is at the buyers own risk.