CBD is an essential oil from the HEMP plant.  Several varieties - most often used are the industrial hemp version, not marijuana. Cannabidiol Oil is the scientific name from the Sativa cannabis plant. A variety of the cannabis plant, but not the cannabis variety with large amounts THC.

However, unlike "weed  or pot" it CAN NOT get you high. It is non psycho-active,  non addictive, non mood altering, and contains very little THC. THC is the chemical in "pot or weed" that gets you high. CBD does none of this. In fact CBD oil is known to negate some of the "high" effects that THC or pot causes.  You can not take too much CBD oil. It is NOT a drug. Side effects from too high of a dose? - sleepy, headache and diarrhea. That's it. Again, it is NOT a drug.

CBD essential oil contains a multitude of beneficial medical curative properties, and this is why people are taking it. More and more scientific information, lab results and testimonials from hundreds of thousands of people are now emerging proving the beneficial factors proving CBD oil (and cannabis oil) are good for the body.

Here are some of the findings:

                    Reduces anxiety and depression                    

Pain reliever

Relieves cancer related symptoms

Reduces acne

Helps neurological disorders

Benefits heart health

Anti psychotic effects

Helps with substance abuse treatment

Anti- tumor effects

Diabetes prevention

Muscle building in sports related activities

Anti inflammatory

Eases PTSD symptoms

Helps depression

Helps sleep disorders

Prevents seizures

Helps patients with MS

Can be used for pets and children

See for yourself, do your research, watch, learn and listen to all the news and media. It is an exciting time right now in the scientific world revolving around the discoveries of CBD essential oils!

Sweet Pea Farm and BURST Energy gel products all come with a lab report showing the ingredients, and most importantly the THC percentage content is below the legally accepted limit, thus assuring the consumer will NOT get high from our products.