Bee Pollen Granules (185 Grams)

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Bee Pollen Granules  (185 g)

Our Bee Pollen granules are hand collected and allowed to air dry. As the bees pass through the entrance to the hive, a small box is provided at the entry to collect some of the pollen attached to their legs. We only collect a small portion of the pollen from each hive, allowing the bees to continue to feed their colony and make honey. It takes a bee 1 month of 8 hour days to make a teaspoon of pollen granules. Bee pollen is considered a "Super-food" comprising of 40% protein, and provides a myriad of health benefits.
Many people ask what the flavor is like. Toasted almonds with a hint of honey. You will also have an after flavor of many different types of flowers that lingers on your tongue. Unique, and only made by bees. Man is unable to reproduce pollen, with all the characteristics and still unknown ingredients involved. Weight may vary in bee pollen due to moisture content
We ARE the beekeepers, and we harvest all our own honey by hand with no machinery. Our honeys are lightly filtered and heated only to a maximum of 105 degrees for the purpose of pouring only.
We strive to keep the natural state of our honeys for the maximum benefit of health qualities for our customers! Full of pollen and propolis, lightly filtered honey has natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, and will help boost your immune system and bring good health!
Our honey tastes really good and is really good for you!