Buckwheat Honey - 1LB

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Buckwheat Honey 1LB

Buckwheat Honey is an amazing thing! Thick, rich and smoky, with dark amber coloration, it is a true match to black strap molasses. Chefs prize it for baking. Others claim it is the best thing around for beating the flu or cold symptoms. The darker the honey, the more medicinal it is. Many Buckwheat followers crave that deep, caramelized and strong flavor, and will take a teaspoon a day, just like cod liver oil users in the days gone by. Buckwheat Honey is about the richest, deepest honey varietal you can buy in the United States.

We ARE the beekeepers, and we harvest all our own honey by hand with no machinery. Our honeys are lightly filtered and heated only to a maximum of 105 degrees for the purpose of pouring only.

We strive to keep the natural state of our honeys for the maximum benefit of health qualities for our customers! Full of pollen and propolis, lightly filtered honey has natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, and will help boost your immune system and bring good health!

Our honey tastes really good and is really good for you!